About Me

I spend my time intensively with visual arts, especially in the field of digital media. In 2011, I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in design and illustration at the University Georg-Simon-Ohm, Nuremberg. In 2012 I moved to Hamburg to start the Game Master studies at the HAW Hamburg, again working part-time in the industry; this time as Lead Artist at Vierbeuter UG for two years. In 2014 I finished my studies graduating as a Master of Arts in game development and started to work full-time as Lead Artist at Tivola Publishing, a publisher and developer specialized in age-appropriate mobile games for adolescents. Since 2017 I have been working as a freelancer for several game studios and self publishers. Despite my freelancing, I've been working as Art Director at the wonderful team of Osmotic Studios since 2018 until today.



Supervising several projects at once, creating outstanding ingame art as well as marketing assets are parts of my daily business. I worked for several game developer studios, including Tivola Publishing and Osmotic Studios and have extensive expertise in mobile game development and publishing. Projects I worked on among others are Orwell Season 1&2, Scherbenwerk, CatHotel, Vincelot, and Max and the Secret Formula.



- Deutscher Computerspielpreis

- Animation Award

- Karl H. Ditze-Preis

- Nachwuchskonzept Neue Medien 

  (Social Media Aachen)


Companies I worked for

- Jauda Labs

- Osmotic Studios

- Tivola Publishing

- Vierbeuter UG

- Qforge (now Neobird)