Design & Layout

Ein übersichtliches Layout ist notwendig um eine klare Aussage oder eine intuitive Handhabung zu vermitteln. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle ob es sich dabei um eine Bildkomposition, eine Online-Präsentation oder um eine Drucksache handelt. Mein Ansatz ist, Designlösungen zu finden, die leicht zu erfassen und gleichzeitig schön anzusehen sind. Illustrationen und Grafikdesign zu verbinden, erscheint mir daher die sinnvollste und schönste Art um das zu erreichen.

A clean layout is a necessity for a focussed message or a clear usability, no matter the use: Composition of an artwork, digital media or print. I always try to find solutions that are easy to read but interesting to look at. To me it’s very appealing to combine illustration and clear graphic design. 

"Clash of Fate" Card Game

Clash of Fate is a combat-based strategy card game designed and produced by Bennett Snyder (Dice Raiders Inc).
Players build decks for a team of characters to brawl in a 3-on-3 deathmatch.
The card game is currently in development. It has been launched on Kickstarter to reach the funding goal for production.

My design work on this project included:

- Design of all cards and card backs (except artworks)

- Title design of "Clash of Fate"

- Rules book layout and design

- Icons and logos


Copyright by Bennett Snyder.
Artworks by: Christina Kraus, Nicolas Arnold, Nicole Cardiff, Wojtek Depczynski

Book Cover Design

The German author Timo Leibig released a series of thrillers called "Goldmann & Brandner". I illustrated a row of unique cover artworks that represent the theme of the collection.

User Interface Design

I already worked on a lot of apps for mobile devices. The following example shows Boulder Rush published by Tivola Publishing (2017). I did the interface design and almost all graphics for this game.

Mobile Store Graphics

Here are two examples for store and marketing graphics I created for the casual games Vincelot and WildLife America. ForVincelot, based on a children's book from Coppenrath Verlag, I also designed the entire ingame graphics.

Business Cards

Business cards made for Tivola Publishing GmbH portraying all employees. The backsides feature the companie’s corporate design that I developed as well.

Layouting Master Thesis

The following book layout shows the thesis for my graduation at the university, in which a guideline manual was elaborated for creating mini games within the browser game Monstropia (Vierbeuter UG), I was working on during my studies.


Abstract: "... This thesis forms design guidelines for the creation of mini games within the browser game Monstropia. The resulting policy shall support the processes of game art and game design. [...] The challenge of this study is to develop guidelines that ensure that the mini games adapt the concept of Monstropia's core game seamlessly. Just like a checklist, the rules are meant to be read, processed and checked off. This structured and targeted approach leads to an optimized workflow wich means that every team member will get the guidance required to design mini games as attractive as possible for the target audience while it still works within the game itself."

"AYGOS" Book Layout